AirBnB – Two-way inventory support.

Airbnb-new-logo-2014    AirBnb is a quite popular OTA for many hoteliers. Many of you, prefer starting from AirBnb due to its easier interface and no strict requirements.

    We are happy to announce, that starting from July, two way inventory integration with AirBnB is available in real-time for everybody.

    By using Effective Tours you can control AirBnb availability; additionally all new bookings from AirBnb will be placed on Effective Tours agenda within 10 minutes since the booking is made.

    As a Channel Manager, Effective Tours will update all of the connected calendars (Agoda/Booking/Expedia) as soon as the new booking/cancellation appears from AirBnb.

    Unfortunately, AirBnb still are not open to any third party software updates for the rates, so you have to update your rates manually through Airbnb interface.

    But at least for now – availability will be updated automatically, this gives you more time for the business, not for mouse clicking in OTA interface.

    If you are already using AirBnb and thinking about adding your property to other Online Travel Agents-  you can’t find a solution better than Effective Tours.

Please contact our team, for activating instructions (free of charge).

Welcome on board with Expedia

expedia-logo[1]We are proud to say, that we are fully certified partner of Expedia Network!  By adding the Expedia as a valuable partner, we open for all our clients the opportunity to be published at Expedia,, Homeaway and hundreds of business partners of Expedia networks. And as always, we provide this channel manager connectivity free of charge to all of the Srilankans. Welcome on board !


Choose your colors for the Agenda.


By the request of our valuable customers, we add the functionality to amend the predefined colors for the channels and for the direct agents. Since now, there will be no problem after the migration from your old-school spreadsheets with reservations to the Effective Tours. Simply open your company configuration, and click the Colors Tab. And color your agenda as you wish


How to start with Effective Tours (ET).

At first you have to register at Effective Tours. While registering, you have to choose your company role:

  1. Coach Service –  if you provide only the transfers/taxi service, then this is the right choice for you. You will be able to add different routes and provide transfer rates  depending of the route and amount of passengers.  You can connect Tour Agents/Operators with separate markup values, and do your sales throw them.
  2. Hotelier – if you run a hotel or several hotels then you have to choose this option. As a hotelier you can add your property to ET,  manage it’s description, photos, rates, availability, discounts.  You can connect Tour Agents/Operators with separate markup values, and do your sales throw them.
  3. Tour Agent – if you are interested to resell hotels and transfers from others, not your own, then you have to chose this option. It’s important to understand, that you can resell only the offers from the ET owners with whom you already concern to deal.  Effective Tours is not providing you with a list of hotel or taxi owners, you have to find them by yourself and connect to your Tour Agent account. You have to use this role, in case if you want to resell somebody who is already in the ET system. As a Tour Agent, you can also resell the properties which you are getting from other suppliers to the agents of yours. And а course you can also adв ad additional value on top of them by using markups, to get you interest as well. If you are a hotelier/taxi provider, you can advice your agents to register as a Tour Agent to update them with your recent promotions, rates, photos, inventory.
  4. Tour Distributor – the most powerful role in the system which allows you to add your own hotels and transfers. Allows you to get connected with the other users of  ET and promote theis offers to your client, as well as promote everything you have to the third party agents/operators which is already in the system.

Actually, if you are not sure which role to use, you can go to Tour Distributor. Just don’t be confuse with a huge amount of options and features later on.

After finalizing your registration, you have to confirm it by email and you are in. Detailed Step-by-step manual of how to add your property / transfers you can download from here.

Welcome to a new world, the ET world !

Card1    The concept oа Effective Tours is quite simple. We are doing simple, powerful and very comfortable Channel Manager with advance functionality. We are open for your advices. We are ready to fulfill the market requests. All we ask, is share your ideas, and help us to make Effective Tours better.

Argh… I forgot to say, Effective Tours is free of charge with it’s basic functionality! That’s true. We are the first Channel Manager on the market, which offers channel manager features absolutely free of charge.

Try it, enjoy it, and spread the word!

Your Alexey Novikov
CEO & Founder