Rate & Inventory Preview

     We are happy to announce a new powerful feature – Rate & Inventory  Preview. Multiple rates, various MIN and MAX Length of stay, reservations, discounts, markups – all of this features are very important to  market your property well. We are humans and the more features we use, the more chances we will make mistakes. To avoid that we introduce Rate & Inventory review. By the click of the button with the name of the corresponding OTA on it, you will get the live preview of the real rates & inventory situation at your property. This exciting feature allows you to check everything before sending out to the channels and resolve 90% of the most popular mistakes.  

Triggers and Web-hooks

We are happy to introduce the new Web-hook functionality in the Triggers & Actions. Depending of web-hook setup, Effective Tours will send a JSON payload to the url provided. You can fire up the web-hook for new reservations and cancellations, before and after the check-ins and check-outs. Since now you can integrate Effective Tours with third party software according to your needs.

Let me give you just few ideas how you can use the web-hooks:

  • Receive notifications to your favorite messengers
  • Update your accounting software with booking details
  • Generate check-in forms
  • Remind hotel staff about the tasks before the check in
  • Remind cleaning team to work our the room after the check out.

You can usee Huginn as a free and opensource solutions to write your agents. It can be started on a free Heroku account within 5 minutes and after it you can create any integrations you want.

Risk free channel manager for the hotels in 2019. (Market research)

I bet you already read a lot about channels managers for the hotels. The impact of the channel managers is hard to overestimate, it’s definitely worth a try one of them. I’m sure that within few months you will realise that your sales are boosted and you have much more time to focus on your business instead of opening and closing rooms in various ОТА and calculating discounts and updating the rates.

Every time, when you run into something new you have doubts. Without any personal experience, it’s hard to predict which features suits your needs and which is not. Since the first steps you will be attacked with massive ads campaigns from hundreds of vendors. Tons of supported channels, huge variety of features, different pricing models, special offers and discounts. It’s all fine, if you have a strong and clear understanding of your needs, otherwise, it’s like wandering in the dark.

So what you really have to do, is to start using the basic functionality of channel manager and get your own feelings about it. Preferably without breaking your budget. That’s it! Since you realized this fact it will be much easier for you to make the right choice for your first steps in hotel automation.

Let me be more specific and give you an idea how you can choose you first channel manager. Mostly all of the channel managers has the same basic functionality – update the booking channels and synchronize them between each other as well as update the rates. So, I went through the web sites of the most popular channel managers around, and write down their offers to the table below.

Channel Manager Price for 10 rooms  Trial Length 
Beds24 18.60$ 14 Days
CloudBeds 107$ 30 Days
Effective Tours 10$ 180 days
eZee Centrix 39$ 14 Days
Little Hotelier 109$ 30 Days
OctoRate 29.50$ 14 Days
Reseliva 46$ 14 Days
SiteMinder 59$ 14 Days

As you can see, in most cases the Trial period is just 2 weeks, which is actually not enough, to understand how the channel manager is working. Cloud Beds and Little Hotelier offers 1 month, which is for sure much better than 2 weeks. And the absolute winner is Effective Effective Tours channel manager with 6 month free trial. In many regions hotel business depends from the season, half year high, half year low. So 6 month is very fair offer to get a real experience about the product. Pricing is a very complicated area, that’s why I took a quotation for 10 rooms guest house. Subscription fees striking in its diversity and there is an explanation for that. As I mentioned in the beginning, there may be many unique features that are worth the price if you really need them. But in the event that you take the first steps, it’s just money to the wind. And the final winner is no doubt – Effective Tours with the 10$ monthly fee and free trial for 6 month. Trust the facts not the ads.

In case if you already using a channel; manager, I advise you to take a look at your annual expenses for it. Is it really worth it ? Are you sure you are using all of the features of your existing provider ? This is a very good question, since overpaying a $1000 per year should have a serious reason, especially for a hotel of 10 rooms.

Step-by-Step setup. Video tutorial

Setting up a new service is always hard, that’s why our CEO, Alex Novikovs decide to record a learning videos by himself, how to set up the Effective Tours from scratch, step by step.

Tutorial #1 – Register and Initial Set-Up

Tutorial #2 –  Setting Up rates & Discounts

Tutorial #3 – Working with Agenda

Tutorial #4 – Channel manager configuration

Join Effective Tours channel for more videos.

Guests Resrvation Card is simple !

Are you tired to fill in Guests Reservation cards ?

Then we have a good news for you, starting from today, we will start geretaing for you Guests Resrvation Cards. The card automatically creadted on each new booking. In case of any amendments, it will be updated within few minutes. You can find the link to PDF card in your Dashboard, under the “little man” icon.

You can also send a request to us with your hotel logo attached. And we will personalise your voucher by implemeting it.


AirBnB – Two-way inventory support.

Airbnb-new-logo-2014    AirBnb is a quite popular OTA for many hoteliers. Many of you, prefer starting from AirBnb due to its easier interface and no strict requirements.

    We are happy to announce, that starting from July, two way inventory integration with AirBnB is available in real-time for everybody.

    By using Effective Tours you can control AirBnb availability; additionally all new bookings from AirBnb will be placed on Effective Tours agenda within 10 minutes since the booking is made.

    As a Channel Manager, Effective Tours will update all of the connected calendars (Agoda/Booking/Expedia) as soon as the new booking/cancellation appears from AirBnb.

    Unfortunately, AirBnb still are not open to any third party software updates for the rates, so you have to update your rates manually through Airbnb interface.

    But at least for now – availability will be updated automatically, this gives you more time for the business, not for mouse clicking in OTA interface.

    If you are already using AirBnb and thinking about adding your property to other Online Travel Agents-  you can’t find a solution better than Effective Tours.

Please contact our team, for activating instructions (free of charge).

Welcome on board with Expedia

expedia-logo[1]We are proud to say, that we are fully certified partner of Expedia Network!  By adding the Expedia as a valuable partner, we open for all our clients the opportunity to be published at Expedia, Hotels.com, Homeaway and hundreds of business partners of Expedia networks. And as always, we provide this channel manager connectivity free of charge to all of the Srilankans. Welcome on board !


Access rights for the agents

Effective Tour has a powerful feature of working with offline travel agents, in a way very similar to an OTA.  As you might know, you can connect any agent and provide them separate rates and gives full access to your rates and inventory.

To make this cooperation more similar to the OTA, we create the access rights which you, as a hotelier can setup for each connected agent. So you can decide what the agent can actually do. Only view the availability of the rooms, allow them to hold the rooms or even do the immediate booking same as Booking/Agoda/Expedia did.

Read more at Setting up the Agents Access rights.


Reservations Swapping

All hoteliers are dreaming about the 100% occupancy. And we definitely wishing you that. But managing the rooms allocation in this cases became quite complicated. Each new booking, increase the chance of creating a new gaps between the previous and the new booking. As a result, when you are nearly 80% full, your agenda looks like this:


The longer the next booking, the more chances that it will be splitted between several rooms. 2 dyas in one room, 1 day in another one, then again back to the first room and then at the for 3 nights for another one. It’s a headache for a hotel, but much worse, that it’s very bad for a guests.

To avoid that, it’s always a good idea to reallocate existing bookings, so they will go one by one, without any gaps between them. When you have free rooms, then it’s not a problem, but when you are full like on the screenshot above, our new feature of Reservations Swap will help you a lot. With a few clicks, you can swap any booking with any other(s). Remove the gaps, and settle the problems.